Swim Team Registration:

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Note: You must be a member of Haddon Glen to join the swim or dive teams.

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Eligibility Requirements:

A Meets

A Meets provide competitive level meets for swimmers to both compete and to get a chance to qualify for the Tri-County Championship Meet.


  1. Swim and Dive team members must also be members of Haddon Glen Swim Club.
  2. Swimmers must be proper age(as of June 15, 2011) to be in one of the five categories: 8 and under; 9-10;11-12; 13-14; and 15-18.
  3. Each eligible swimmer may compete in two individual events and two relays in each meet.
  4. Placement in meets is determined by the coach(es) based on the following:
    • Times & performances
    • Need - where the swimmer can best help the team
    • Practice attendance
  5. A list will be posted at the pep-rally on Friday before each A meet.Remember to inform coaches, in the beginning of the season or sign the will not attend sheet at the latest by Wednesday before the meet if you will not make the meet on Saturday. When you do not show up, you not only hurt the team, you also hurt the three other swimmers in your relays.

B Meets

B meets are for fun and for the development of swimmers. B meets are where swimmers get the opportunity to swim the strokes they want and to try new things. B meets also provide an opportunity for every swimmer on the team to compete on a regular basis. The emphasis is not placed on winning the meet but to give these swimmers a chance to achieve success at their level. There is generally no disqualification in "B" meets; however, if a swimmer is doing the wrong stroke or not doing a stroke correctly, they may be informed of the error for future reference.


  1. No swimmer who has met the Tri-county qualifying time in an event may swim that event in a "B" meet including on a relay
  2. If a swimmer scores 5 or more points in a Tri-County "A" meet in an event, he or she may not swim that event in a "B" meet.
  3. A swimmer may not qualify for the Tri-County in a "B" meet. They must qualify in one of the scheduled "A" meets
  4. All 12 and under swimmers must sign up for the B meets.
  5. Final decisions are at the discretion of the "B" meet coaches

Dive Team Registration:

  • Attention Diving Team Parents:

    Parents must sign up their divers to AAU and then give us a copy of the AAU membership card print out before they can start diving.

    Individual Registration for AAU Insurance

    1. Log on to www.aausports.org
    2. Highlight the drop-down box for "Membership / Join AAU" and click on "Athlete Application" under "Membership"
    3. You can login if you already have an account, register a new account, or choose "GUEST USER" and click "Add an Athlete"
    4. Fill out the AAU Membership Form - General. Enter your child's personal information
    5. For programs, select "Youth Program"
    6. Select Sport "Diving"
    7. Select the REGULAR MEMBERSHIP $14.00 Membership
    8. For Club Code - enter South Jersey Diving Association - WYTBTF (Please be careful to select the proper club there is another group with a similar name.)
    9. Continue to Checkout
    10. Enter Billing Information and submit registration
    11. Print out your "printer friendly" receipt. The AAU membership card will be on the third page
    12. Print 2 copies of the membership card. Keep one for yourself and give or email the other to the swim club's diving representative (TBA, for now Steph Greeby - email: steph500@hotmail.com ). Your child MAY NOT DIVE UNTIL THE INSURANCE CARD IS GIVEN TO THE CLUB REPRESENTATIVE

Team Philosophy

Each individual swimmer and/or diver is valuable!

HG Swimming


  • To help each swimmer and diver realize his or her potential and become the best that he or she can be.
  • To develop sportsmanship qualities.
  • To develop enjoyable team friendships and dynamics.
  • To instill a lifetime love of swimming.


  • To provide an enjoyable atmosphere with which to train and learn about the sport of swimming and or diving through a program that stresses discipline through positive reinforcement.
  • To give swimmers and/or divers the chance to take part in a competitive team program.

Coach RT's Philosophy:

"My philosphy concentrates on developing swimmers into well-rounded athletes. Swimming is for a lifetime, no matter what the goals may be whether for recreational purposes or the competitive swimmer. Teaching and developing swimmers through close-knit, family-like atmosphere helps develop life skills that can be applied in and out of the pool. Ultimately, my goal is to develop successful swimmers who have the knowledge to become their own coaches."


For Swimming: Please contact the Swim Team Committee

email: haddonglenparentassociation@gmail.com

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