Responsibilities of Swim & Dive Team Members:

Since daily conditioning is necessary to achieve maximum results in competitive swimming and diving, the following guidelines have been set up concerning attitude and attendance at practices:

  1. Be on deck 5 minutes prior to the start of your practice session with sneakers each and every day for dry lands.
  2. Attendance is expected every day. Please notify a coach if there is any conflict.
  3. Bring flippers each day to practice.
  4. You may not use the bathroom during a set. Please use the bathroom between sets. You must ask a coach to use the bathroom.
  5. During a meet, everyone is to stay in the team area. Parents should not have to look for you.
  6. Try to limit food eaten during a meet.
  7. It is preferred that swimmers limit being at the pool on Friday afternoon before a meet.
  8. All team members are asked to check the meet sheet each Friday evening. Please do not assume you are not swimming in a meet. We do not want you to let your relay and your team down because you don't show up.
  9. Any swimmer or diver who is disrespectful to a team parent during a meet while in the team area will be disciplined.
  10. All swimmers or divers must leave the Club after their practice session is over unless the Club is officially open. No swimmer or diver may go into the Club's office or team room without special permission.
  11. All cancelled practices or meets will be posted on the Swim Team Page of the Haddon Glen Web Site.
  12. *In order to qualify for the team gift at the end of season swim/diving team banquet, a swimmer must swim in three official "A" or "B" meets. Divers must compete in "2" official meets. Other team members must have regular attendance. In the event of an unusual situation, the coach(es) shall have the final decision on the individual case.
  13. Check your folders weekly for ribbons. All other information will be posted on the web site.

Team Philosophy

Each swimmer and diver is valuable to this team!!


  • To help each swimmer and diver realize his or her potential and become the best that he or she can be.
  • To develop sportsmanship qualities.
  • To develop enjoyable team friendships and dynamics.
  • To instill a lifetime love of swimming.


  • To provide an enjoyable atmosphere with which to train and learn about the sport of swimming and or diving through a program that stresses discipline through positive reinforcement.
  • To give swimmers and/or divers the chance to take part in a competitive team program.

Coach RT's Philosophy:

"My philosphy concentrates on developing swimmers into well-rounded athletes. Swimming is for a lifetime, no matter what the goals may be whether for recreational purposes or the competitive swimmer. Teaching and developing swimmers through close-knit, family-like atmosphere helps develop life skills that can be applied in and out of the pool. Ultimately, my goal is to develop successful swimmers who have the knowledge to become their own coaches."


For Swimming: Please contact the Swim Team Committee


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