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    • 7% Tax Assessment Fee
    • $500 Bond (New Members Only)
    • $50 Application Fee (waived if bond is paid in full up front)
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Please contact the Membership Committe

email: (preferred)
phone: 215-990-6920

Membership & Dues

Haddon Glen Dues (See below for full details)

Memberships Available

Cat#Family MembersBase Cost7% AssmntTotal Cost
F1 Charter Member$100.00$7.00$107.00
G1 Senior Citizen (Age 65+) with 25+ years of continuous membership.$225.00$15.75$240.75
G+Additional CAT G member in the same household.$100.00$7.00$107.00
ABAugust Bye (Family)$160.50$11.25$171.75

The following Memberships must be added to a base membership.
H1 resident adult (Age 21+)$110.00$7.70$117.70
I1 Non-resident House Guest$185.00$12.95$197.95
J1 Grandchild$55.00$3.85$58.85
K1 Babysitter$110.00$7.70$117.70
Q2 Grandchildren$110.00$7.70$117.70

* A 7% Tax Assessement fee must be included with dues.
* A $500 bond is required for new memberships (two yearly installments of $250 is acceptable).
* A $50 Non-refundable application fee is required (waived if the bond is paid in full up front).
* Children under the age of 3 (As of March 15th) will not be charged.

Membership Details


Special guest fees apply to categories F and G only! A $1.00 per Senior Guest (65 or older) will apply to the above groups. No limit is placed on the number of visits per season by any one Seniors guest. Only one senior guest per day per bondholder may be brought into the club at this rate. Guests must be accompanied by a member. No Exceptions

Any category not listed will be charged a guest fee upon entering the swim club. A particular guest can only enter the swim club 7 times a season, and will not be admitted again in one season. Changing the names of such a guest, the bondholder in question will be subjected to a fine

Bond ($500.00)

The primary bondholder must always be listed as a dues paying member! Check your membership information; the names of the adults are considered the primary bondholders.
A bond can be secured by remitting $500 in a single payment, or in two payments of $250 (Year 1 and 2).

For members who joined the pool before 2007, the bond will depreciate fifty dollars ($50.00) per year, down to one hundred dollars ($100.00). For members joining the pool after 2006, the bond will depreciate one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) the first year, an additional one hundred dollars ($100) the second year and fifty dollars ($50) each year thereafter, down to one hundred dollars ($100.00). When a bond becomes available, you will have seven (7) days to pay for the bond. If you have not paid for the bond by the seventh day, the next family on the waiting list will be contacted and your name will be returned to the bottom of the waiting list.

Application Fee ($50.00)

An application must be completed and returned with a letter of recommendation from a member in good standing and a $50 non-refundable application fee.

We will waive the application fee if the bond is paid in full.

Waiting List

If necessary, placement on the waiting list will be determined by the postmark on the envelope, provided the application is complete. Your canceled check will assure your acceptance onto the waiting list. From year to year we may offer an "August Bye" to families already on the list by July 1st of each season, after that date you will only be eligible for that offer the following season.


*New membership and August bye payments are not accepted at the swim club. All membership monies must go through the membership trustee, Heather Weil.

August Bye

A family is able to use the pool August 1 until closing in September without paying a bond. This can be repeated provided the family become a member and pay at least half the bond by August 1st.


Family - A Bondholder, spouse and unmarried children residing in the household of a member.

Child - between the ages of 3 and 21, living at home, is considered a child for the base categories.A child younger than 3 yrs. old as of March 15th will not be charged.